A series of activities will take place in a logical sequence. First of all, an analysis via benchmarking will kick off the work plan for financial management (FM) comparison. Then, targeted trainings based on the weaknesses identified will be delivered for human resources development. Learning materials will make available on the website and internal workshops will be organised to optimise the impact.

In parallel, Libyan University Management Network will be set up with an objective to encourage dialogue between policy makers and HEIs’ top management. The involved universities will upgrade their computing systems for financial management and subsequently, a roll-out test will take place in selected departments.

After the dialogue with policy makers and relevant stakeholders, two publications will be produced, a blue print and a practical handbook on HEI financial management.

  • Comparative analysis of financial management practices and systems - ENG & AR
  • Libyan University Management Network - LUMAN

2013, Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos Internacionales, Universidad de Alicante