Internal workshop in Al-Mergib University

Event Date: 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 (All day)

Events Venue: 

Khoms, Al-Mergib University

The International Cooperation Office of the Al-Mergib University conducted a full-day workshop on budget planning and management for the staff of the Financial & Internal Auditing Department at the conference hall in Al-Ahliya Co. for Cement, Khoms.

The Vice-President, Prof. Mohamed Ibsheesh, opened the workshop with a welcome speech and encouraged to organise similar workshops in the future to benefit the attendance and university. Over 50 university staff attended the workshop and discussion was stimulated after the presentations on the topics.  

The event attracted radio stations, Local Khoms Radio and Topactus Station of Misurata, and local newspaper, Al-Kalam Press. Interviews were conducted with Dr. Gouma Al-Regeibi, representative of the Ministry of Higher Education in Libya and Mr. Abdulla Dhaw, Director of Cooperation Office and UNIGOV project coordinator at Al-Mergib Unviersity. Besides, the workshop was recorded and photographed by the university for further dissemination.

Invited speakers are:

Dr. Guoma Al-Ragibi, Head of Fund Department in the Libyan Academy, Tripoli, and representative of Ministry of Higher Education – University Governing.  

Dr. Othman Sultan, National Coordinator of Erasmus Plus – Libya Branch – Erasmus Plus projects

Eng. Osama Ikshadah, General Director of the Cooperation Office in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dr. Ali Keir, Head of International Organisation Department in the International Cooperation Office

Dr. Taib Al-Bahlul, Head of the Consultation Committee in the National Office of Tempus -0 Libya Branch – Rules of Tempus projects in Libya.

Mr. Suheil Al-Farrah, Coordinator of Administrative Affairs of Tempus Projects – Libyan Branch

Dr. Abdusalam Al-Deeb, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Mergib University – Project Management

Mr. Abdulhamed Ibrerish, financial expert in the Ministry of Finance – Budget Planning & Financial Control in Libya

Dr. Muftah Abu-ghalia, Faculty of Economics, Khoms, Al-Mergib University – The University Budget between Theory & Application

Events images: 

2013, Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos Internacionales, Universidad de Alicante