Misurata University held 2 Internal Workshops in the framework of UniGov project

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Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 11:45 to Sunday, December 13, 2015 - 11:45

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Misurata, Libya

In the aim of transferring the knowledge and experience acquired and exchanged during the different workshops organized in the framework of the TEMPUS-UNIGOV project, the International Cooperation Office has arranged two internal workshops. The workshops were divided in two day: the 12th and 13th of December, 2015. These two workshops targeted high administrators and decision makers at Misurata University (President of the university, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans of MU colleges, academic staff, Financial Department Staff, and head of bureaus and offices).

The first Workshop :

Title : Human Resources Management: A point of view.

Presented by : Dr. Ahmed A. Baaiu

The first section of this workshop recalls in brief the objectives and the partners of the UNIGOV project, then a brief summary about human resources management in higher education institutions.

Since Slovakia has passed by similar political, social and economical changes and circumstances, the second part focused on presenting and investigating the experience of Slovak University of Bratislava for Technology and how they could overcome the challenges and obstacles to improve their educational system and enhance the academic technical performances in the university. An explanation of the human resources management challenges which faced the STUBA in terms of high education and enhancing the reputation of the university and increasing the research capacity and the relations with the industry.

The reason for giving STUBA as an example was because it has similar problems and issues that MU has. Consequently, it will be very useful to investigate and maybe adapt their strategies and methods to be used for improving our human resources management system.

After a break and to achieve the goal of this internal workshop, a group discussion was held. Finally, a good conclusion was resulted about how we can contribute to address such issues that is encountered by MU now.

The second Workshop :

Title : Budget Planning.

Presented by : Zainalabideen M. Elghirani

The first section of the workshop was about the concept of the budget planning and procedures and steps that must be taken to accomplish budget planning. Afterwards, the Lecturer floated questions to the participants on what the meaning of budget is, why we consider budget planning, how we deal with it, as well as what the suitable time to process budget planning is. The Lecturer, then, explained the advantages and disadvantages of budget planning. Moreover, he illustrated the types of budget planning that are implemented in the institutions, such as universities, and big companies.

After the break, there was a very interesting discussion on which type of budget planning and which procedures could be used successfully in Misurata University to overcome all the financial issues considering the budget planning in Misurata University. At the end of the workshop, an initial decision was taken regarding the procedures, methods and type of budget planning that will be used in Misurata University.

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