UNIGOV Coordination Meeting takes place in Istanbul

Event Date: 

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 17:45 to Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 17:45

Events Venue: 


The project partners of the UNIGOV project meet in Istanbul during three days in order to participate in a coordination meeting that aimed to regulate the pending work for the last year of project activities.

Having received the approval from the EACEA on a project extension of one-year duration, the partners discussed how to organise the pending work taking into account the current situation at the Libyan partner universities.

Thus, each partner was entitled to present their current situation, the project activities carried out so far, the project activities that were not able to be finalised due to the current country crisis, and their availability to drive the pending activities to a good end.

The project partners, guided by the EU partners, discussed the possibility of develop and implement new project activities that are more in line with the current needs of the Libyan Higher Education Institutions. As a result of this discussion a modified working plan was drafted.

The coordination meeting was accompanied by a two-days workshop on Fundraising Strategies. The workshop was mainly focused on identify potential strengths and needs that can be subjected to receive national or international funds. (national & international donors)

A discussion on potential future projects was also discussed with the main purpose of keeping working together in the improvement of the financial management systems of the Libyan Higher Education Institutions.

The Libyan partners counted also with the participation of the EU project partners, who shared with them best practices on international fundraising activities.


2013, Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos Internacionales, Universidad de Alicante